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14 November 2023

Accreditation Grant Scheme

Gwynedd Council is keen to assist small and medium-sized businesses located in Gwynedd to gain accreditations that set recognized standards for products, services and systems in order to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. 

Examples are ISO accreditations, such as ISO9001 which sets requirements for a quality management system and ISO14001 which sets requirements for an environmental management system.

However, Gwynedd Council are willing to consider any accreditation that helps you to improve and prove the quality of your product or service in order to give confidence to your customers.

There is a grant scheme available which contributes towards the costs of a consultant to work with businesses in order to reach the standards necessary for certification. The cost of the certification itself is not included in the scheme.

The aim is to make businesses more efficient and effective in supplying quality goods and services leading to them being more competitive and in a better position to respond to tender opportunities with Gwynedd Council, other local authorities, government organizations and the private sector .

Many benefits have been identified by businesses as a result of gaining quality accreditations but it is necessary to weigh the cost and commitment against the anticipated benefits. The support is therefore targeted at businesses that have the desire and ability to grow.

Gwynedd Council are unable to contribute to accreditations that are necessary  to operate within your business area, eg statutory registrations.

For more information and details on how to apply visit Gwynedd Council's website here:,-cyllid-a-grantiau/Grantiau-a-chymorth-ariannol/Grantiauachymorthariannol.aspx

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