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29 September 2023

Sustainable Green Solutions

An innovative Sustainable Green Solutions designed to empower businesses in their journey towards environmental responsibility.

Barclays is dedicated to helping companies take action to address the environmental and sustainability challenges facing our planet.

With flexible financing options at competitive rates, Barclays supports enterprises in pursuing their green objectives while offering deposit solutions to ensure surplus capital is dedicated to sustainable endeavors. From funding various green initiatives in renewable energy, green transport, and sustainable food production to providing adaptable financial options with fixed or floating interest rates and diverse repayment structures, Barclays is committed to promoting sustainability in the corporate world. Moreover, these solutions are assessed against Barclays Sustainable Finance Framework, a collaborative effort aimed at driving positive environmental impact.

Green Solutions:

Green Loans – Barclays Green Loans can provide funding for a variety of green and environmental projects including energy efficiency, renewable energy, green transport, sustainable food, agriculture and forestry, waste management and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Green Deposit – Earmark cash balances against green assets held on Barclays’ balance sheet – available to larger clients.

Green Trade Loans – Green Trade Loans can support your green working capital needs – from procurement through to final sale of goods.

Green Bonds, Guarantees, and Indemnities – Green bonds, guarantees and indemnities demonstrate that your business can meet the contractual obligations associated with an underlying transaction aimed at advancing your green agenda. These Green projects or transactions can help prepare your business for a low-carbon future, reduce your energy costs and support greener transportation.

Green Selective Receivable Financing  – Green Selective Receivable Financing is a cost efficient method of increasing your working capital whilst supporting your green agenda

Green Bill of Exchange and Promissory Note Discounting – Green Bill of Exchange and Promissory Note Discounting allows Barclays to purchase qualifying trade debts from you at an agreed discount, enabling you to finance your working capital needs and support your environmental goals.

Green Confidential Invoice Discounting – Green Confidential Invoice Discounting enables clients to release money tied up in their sales ledger to fund business growth.

Green Import Letter of Credit (ILC) – Green Import Letter of Credit (ILC) is a written undertaking given by the bank on behalf of the importer to pay the exporter an amount of money within a specified time.

What can green solutions do for your business?

Barclays Green Sustainable Solutions provide a multifaceted approach to addressing the pressing concerns of our time. First and foremost, they empower organisations to navigate the complex terrain of environmental regulations, bolster their reputation, and enhance their competitive standing.

With flexible funding options, businesses can procure vital assets and undertake projects aligned with their green initiatives, all while tailoring repayments to match their cashflow cycles. This financing isn't limited to acquisitions; it extends to supporting regular or one-off purchases, fostering research and innovation, and potentially reducing overall borrowing costs. It's a comprehensive strategy that not only benefits businesses but contributes positively to our shared environmental future.

To further substantiate these claims, Barclays partners with Sustainalytics, a leading authority in ESG and Corporate Governance research and ratings.

To explore the full spectrum of possibilities and take the next steps towards a greener, more sustainable future for your business, visit the Barclays Sustainable Green Solutions page here: 

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