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Green Economy Wales is a series showcasing the projects, people, organisations and businesses shaping the green economy in Wales.

Green Economy Wales has been commissioned by a variety of public and private sector integrated partners - each with an interest in accelerating the green economy in Wales.

Each month, we deep dive into a different theme within Wales fastest growing industry.

  • A monthly podcast 
  • Expert columns and interviews
  • Insightful and educational features
  • Showcasing the projects, initiatives, and ventures across Wales

Our coverage will uncover the opportunities for businesses and highlight the barriers holding back progress, whilst providing a high value educational and informative experience for businesses, government and a variety of industry bodies throughout Wales.

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Commissioning Partners:

Ambition North Wales

Forward Features

If you would like to contribute to upcoming features email - [email protected].

August 2024:
The Circular Economy

In this feature we highlight the circular economy, providing a clear overview of the support available for businesses looking to embrace sustainable practices.

September 2024:
Introduction to Wales' Emerging Hydrogen Sector

An industry overview highlighting the role our emerging hydrogen sector will have within Wales’ economic transition to sustainable energy.

October 2024:
The Celtic Sea Opportunity

In this feature we investigate the current state of play, the timelines and opportunities for what has been described as a ‘once in generation opportunity’ for Wales.

November 2024:
Celtic Freeport

In this edition we showcase the plans and ambitions of the Celtic Freeport, the role it plays in South Wales and its commitment to social value.

Green Economy Wales Monthly Podcast

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Episode #1: State of the Sector

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