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28 September 2023

HSBC: Green SME Fund

The HSBC Green SME Fund is a financial solution designed to support SMEs in their journey towards sustainability.

It provides access to funding and expertise to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint and operate in a more eco-friendly manner.

The HSBC Green SME Fund is a powerful tool for SMEs looking to align their business practices with sustainability goals. It not only offers financial support but also provides the knowledge and expertise needed to make meaningful eco-conscious changes. With this initiative, HSBC is not only assisting SMEs in their journey toward sustainability but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable business landscape. It's a win-win for both SMEs and the environment.

Key Features and Benefits:

Get 1% cashback on the loan value*.For loans of £10k and below a Representative 11.3% APR** applies. For loans over £10k and up to £25k a Representative 7.1% APR** applies.

Expert Guidance: Alongside financial support, the HSBC Green SME Fund provides access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. SMEs can tap into HSBC's network of sustainability experts who can offer valuable insights and guidance on implementing green initiatives.

Competitive Terms: The fund offers competitive interest rates and terms, making it an attractive option for SMEs seeking to invest in sustainable projects. This ensures that businesses can adopt eco-friendly practices without compromising their financial stability.

Environmental Impact: By participating in the HSBC Green SME Fund, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. This not only aligns with global efforts to combat climate change but also enhances the reputation of SMEs as responsible corporate citizens.

Competitive Advantage: Embracing sustainability can give SMEs a competitive edge in the marketplace. As consumers increasingly favor eco-conscious brands, businesses that prioritize sustainability may attract a broader customer base.

Sustainable Growth: Sustainability and profitability need not be mutually exclusive. The fund empowers SMEs to grow their business sustainably, fostering long-term success.

Eligible Green Categories

A variety of different applications of your loan might be eligible for cashback, including those listed below. These categories are indicative and capture the most commonly used types of green projects.

  • Renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, waste, heat pumps, transmission and distribution lines)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pollution prevention or control
  • Environmental sustainable management of living natural resources and land use
  • Terrestrial and biodiversity conservation
  • Clean / sustainable transport
  • Sustainable water and water waste management
  • Waste management
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Eco-efficient circular economy
  • Green buildings or developments

For full guidance and more information on eligibility, terms and conditions and to register for the HSBC Green SME Fund, visit HSBC UK's website here: 

* The 1% cashback may be available to customers who can evidence that at least of 90% of their term loan has been applied for “green” purposes under the Eligibility Criteria. The cashback payment is calculated as 1% of the aggregate drawdowns in the 12-month period after the first drawdown.

**Representative APR is the advertised rate (or a lower rate) we reasonably expect at least 51% of people who are accepted for and enter into the loan agreement as a result of the advertising or marketing will pay.

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