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23 May 2024
Green Economy

North Wales Energy Conference Considers Net Zero Policies

M-SParc’s fifth annual Egni Conference addressed key policies that affect the journey towards net zero.

The event’s agenda included presentations and talks from:

  • Bangor University Students’ Union
  • David TC Davies, Secretary of State for Wales
  • Dr Debbie Jones, M-SParc’s Low Carbon Innovation Manager
  • Ffion Medi Jones, M-SParc’s STEM and Skills Officer
  • Flash Talks from organisations such as Adra and Community Energy Wales
  • Jeremy Miles, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Energy and Welsh Language
  • Rhun ap Iorwerth, Leader of Plaid Cymru
  • Simon Middleburgh, Co-Director of the Nuclear Future Institute

Nyah Lowe, Bangor University’s Students’ Union President, highlighted how 59% of students in private rented accommodation have admitted to feeling uncomfortably cold, 54% of students in private accommodation report issues with damp and mould, and one in 10 students access foodbanks.

Nyah said:

“There is a huge disparity in sustainability to where we currently are, and where we want to be.”

Jeremy Miles emphasised Wales’ need to look outward and be open to learning from good practice elsewhere, as tackling climate change is a global task.

He said:

“The thing that worries me most about climate change is the scale of the endeavour, and how it affects all aspects of life. The further we go into the journey the more difficult decisions are to make for us as policymakers.”

David TC Davies, Secretary of State for Wales discussed the opportunities facing North Wales including the announcement of Wylfla on Anglesey as the first-choice site for a large-scale gigawatt nuclear power plant, a move which would bring thousands of jobs.

Ffion Jones, M-SParc’s STEM and Skills Officer, discussed how she had interviewed a range of pupils across Anglesey and Gwynedd for their beliefs. Some expressed their anxiety for their homes, as rising sea levels are a threat to towns like Nefyn, and challenged policy-makers to take action, claiming they believe that those in power are not doing what they can to help them.

Rhun ap Iorwerth, Leader of Plaid Cymru, told the audience that with organisations like M-SParc focusing on energy in nuclear, tidal, wind, solar, hydrogen and decarbonisation, we need to push forward.

He said:

“We in Wales have the potential, and that’s the main point to take forward.”

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