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13 September 2023
Public Sector

Stronger Together: Welsh Local Government and Natural Resources Wales Unite for a Sustainable Future

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are reinforcing their commitment to enhanced collaboration as they join forces to combat the challenges posed by the nature and climate emergencies, mitigate pollution, and align their efforts for the greater benefit of Wales' communities.

These two key entities have a longstanding partnership, addressing a spectrum of shared interests encompassing planning, flood and water management, waste, countryside and land management. This renewed agreement, endorsed by NRW and WLGA on behalf of all 22 local authorities, promises to yield substantial benefits for both the environment and the communities across Wales.

At a time of unprecedented strain on the public sector purse this new agreement recognises that early intervention is always cheaper and more effective than taking a reactive approach.

This agreement will help the organisations work better together, by combining resources and expertise in ways which provide a more efficient and effective service to local communities.

Gareth O’Shea, Executive Director of Operations at NRW, said:

“Our climate is already changing and will continue to do so. In the future, citizens across Wales will face rising sea levels and temperatures, and more extreme weather events.

“The quality of our natural habitats is also declining and many of our species are at risk of extinction.  Levels of pollution must be minimised.

“These trends will affect our communities, the services we deliver, our assets and our infrastructure.  Working in isolation to address these impacts and prevent these incidents just won’t be enough.

“We very much welcome this agreement which will help us and our partners in local authorities. It sets out a framework through which can better coordinate collaborative action, share knowledge and best practice across authorities and so respond to the challenges we face from both the climate and nature emergencies.”

Councillor Andrew Morgan OBE, WLGA Leader said:

“The state of our shared environment and nature presents some of the most defining challenges of our age. Councils across Wales are working hard in the efforts to tackle climate change and working to achieve Net Zero. But local government does not work in a vacuum, and partnership working is vital not only to face these challenges on a strategic level, but to continually improve the environment, economy and society in Wales.”

“The signing of this memorandum will help us build on collaboration between NRW and local authorities, through the WLGA. We look forward to seeing this vital work develop as we work together on our mutual priorities.”

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