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28 September 2023
Offshore Wind

A Call for Strategic Leadership: Navigating the Celtic Sea’s Offshore Wind Potential


The vast expanse of the Celtic Sea harbors immense potential for offshore floating wind energy, but it currently resembles a constellation of disconnected initiatives lacking cohesive guidance.

In a pivotal development for Wales, it was recently revealed that no developer submitted a bid to harness this offshore floating wind potential in the Celtic Sea.

This revelation has underscored the pressing need for top-tier leadership with a comprehensive and hands-on approach. Industry leaders and stakeholders are recognizing the urgency of unifying these scattered efforts into a streamlined vision.

The Celtic Sea stands as Wales's most significant opportunity for reindustrialisation in decades, but it demands a strategic leader who can unravel the complexity of this multifaceted endeavor. At this critical juncture, a reset is imperative.

Business News Wales, in collaboration with various partners, is launching a Celtic Sea-focused editorial board. This board aims to capture the voices and insights of industry experts on a monthly basis, shedding light on the transformational potential of the Celtic Sea sector.

Mark Powney, editor of Green Economy Wales and Business News Wales, commented on the need for a united front:

“The current scenario with FLOW in the Celtic  Sea requires a new revigorated strategy that builds a united front with all stakeholders. While this renewed collaboration is now underway, ensuring the ongoing narrative is consistently made available to the wider business community, senior civil servants, and our politicians is not. This is a contribution we can make here at Green Economy Wales and Business News Wales.”

“Creating an editorial advisory board of industry experts will add a layer of accountability and consensus to our reporting. When the business community has a hand in crafting the narrative, it’s less likely that critical issues will be lost, misunderstood, or misrepresented.

The new editorial advisory board, set to launch in November, will play a vital role in shaping the narrative around the Celtic Sea's offshore wind opportunities. It will be hosted by former first minister Carwyn Jones, who recently led a discussion on the future of FLOW in the Celtic Sea, engaging key figures from the industry.

While the offshore wind potential in the Celtic Sea awaits strategic direction, the call for unified leadership becomes increasingly urgent, promising not only sustainable energy but also a brighter future for Wales's industrial landscape.

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