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23 October 2023
Public Sector

Ceredigion County Council Recognised for Leading the Charge in Energy Efficiency

Ceredigion County Council has been awarded Special Commendation in the National Council or Local Authority of the Year category at the National Energy Efficiency Awards Ceremony held in Birmingham on 29 September 2023.

Judges considered the nature, scale and scope of the work carried out, and a special emphasis was placed on successful integration of any Local or National Government Energy Efficiency schemes in the nominee's projects. The award was sponsored by ECO247.

The work was judged on:

• the impact it has had within the local community.
• what the customers and local community have to say about the Council
• what level of expertise the Council has within its own teams
• what priority the Council gives to tackling fuel poverty within its current plans

The Council has been delivering the Local Authority ECO Flexible Eligibility scheme for several years. This scheme has helped households reduce their energy bills, tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions through the installation of heating systems and associated insulation measures, thus improving the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of homes. This work has been vital during the cost of living and energy crisis.

Councillor Matthew Vaux, is the Cabinet Member responsible for the Housing Service. He said:

“This award is evidence of the knowledge and expertise within the department and the role they play in improving energy efficiency in homes across Ceredigion. Congratulations to all involved in striving to provide the highest standards.”

For further information on the ECO4 Flex scheme and how to apply, visit the Council webpage: Local Authority ECO4 Flexible Eligibility – Ceredigion County Council or call the Housing Service on 01545 572105.


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