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12 October 2023

Employee Ownership Boosts Eco-Friendly Business Practices

As manufacturing businesses across Wales grapple with increasing environmental challenges, one model that appears to be standing out in driving sustainability is employee ownership.

The correlation might not be immediately apparent, but recent research indicates that companies owned by their employees are making significant strides in implementing eco-friendly business practices.

The reasons for this often found in the unique structure and ethos of employee-owned businesses, which tend to prioritise long-term stability and community engagement over short-term profits.

Green Economy Wales spoke with Dave Anderson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Aber Instruments Ltd about how the company is committing to developing its green credentials in every way it can, and how that comes from all levels withing the team.

About Aber Instruments Ltd

Over 30 years ago ABER Instruments pioneered a new dimension to biomass measurement when Professor Douglas Kell and Dr Robert Todd from the University of Aberystwyth and the Centre for Alternative Technology invented and patented a unique method for biomass monitoring using radiofrequency impedance.

Fast-forward to the present day and the business is a successful global company with a portfolio of ‘manufacturing ready’ advanced certified systems already in use in the Brewing, Biotech, Biorenewables, and Biofuel industries.

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