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1 February 2024

Green Award WIN for Cardiff-based Freight Company

24.01.24 - Picture shows Cardiff-based freighter firm, FSEW has officially been named as NatWest Cymru’s ‘Green Business<br />
of the Year’ - Neil Williams, Senior Relationship Manager, Commercial and Private Banking , Gethin Worgan, FSEW Operations Director, Geoff Tomlinson - Onwer/ Founder of FSEW, James Closer, Director of Climate Business Natwest, Nathan Martin, Regional Board Engagement Manager

Cardiff-based international freight forwarding firm, FSEW has officially been named as NatWest Cymru’s ‘Green Business of the Year’, an accolade which recognises businesses that place sustainability at the heart of their operations.

Launched in 2002 to fill a gap in the market for a customer orientated global freight forwarding company, FSEW has since become one of the fastest growing businesses in Wales.

Working with reputable international suppliers like Tesco, Ford, Rockwool and Euroclad to develop innovative solutions for road, air and sea freighting, the team are pioneering change in industry by demonstrating the commercially viability of low carbon transport.

FSEW’s environmental journey began in January 2022 with the launch of the UK’s first commercial electric articulated 37 tonne HGVs. Since transitioning its fleet, the company has continued to cement themselves as green champions in the sector and has drastically reduced emissions by taking 720,000 diesel miles off the road – the equivalent to three times the distance between earth and the moon. This award is a testament to FSEW’s unwavering dedication to sustainable transport, with the team setting themselves the challenge of becoming net-zero by 2025. Since the company’s inception, NatWest and Lombard have both played a pivotal role in FSEW’s growth, including trailer acquisition and land development in two separate deals totalling nearly £1.2m.

24.01.24 - Picture shows Cardiff-based freighter firm, FSEW has officially been named as NatWest CymruÕs ÔGreen Business<br />
of the YearÕ - Geoff Thomilson with NatwestÕs Head of Climate Change James Close and Worgan’

FSEW’s green journey continues following the recent acquisition of land on Lamby Way in Cardiff. This is earmarked to host FSEW's innovative green energy power hub, designed to power their fleet with renewable energy and facilitate the charging of personal electric vehicles.

Beyond electric alternatives, a significant portion of FSEW's fleet has successfully transitioned to 100% renewable biomethane fuel for freight transport, resulting in an impressive 85% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 40% lifetime fuel cost savings compared to diesel.

To enhance transparency and sustainability in its operations, FSEW has also implemented an innovative software, enabling domestic and international clientele to thoroughly scrutinise supply chains.

Upon winning the award Geoff Tomlinson, FSEW Managing Director, said: 

“It’s a pleasure to be honoured by NatWest as the Green Business of the Year. We’ve always had environmental consciousness at our core and to be able to work closely with a team that not only understands our goal but actively supports it has been instrumental in allowing us to meet our sustainability targets.

“We’re making significant changes and becoming an industry leader in successfully implementing decarbonisation in our fleets and making it commercially viable. Our commitment to provide clients with a quality service is critical whilst ensuring our operations have as little negative environmental impact as possible.”

Jessica Shipman, NatWest Cymru Regional Board Chair, added:

 “All of the nominees exhibited an outstanding willingness to take control of their own environmental impact, but ultimately FSEW stood out for its team’s unwavering commitment to making the entire business more sustainable. From supply chains to multifaceted green alternatives, FSEW embodies what it means to be a green business.

“At NatWest, we do not only want to celebrate those that are doing great things in their field, but support them in achieving their goals. We’re excited to continue our relationship with the team as they get closer to their net zero goals.”

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