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7 December 2023

Solar Power: A Smart Investment for Manufacturers Seeking Energy Savings

josh powell


Josh Powell, 

Founding Director, 

Inspire Green

InspireGreen - Colour Black

In conversation with Business News Wales, Josh Powell highlighted how by integrating renewable power including solar power and battery solutions, manufacturing businesses not only can achieve substantial reductions in their energy expenses, but also establish a solid foundation for their financial controls and environmental sustainability objectives. 

“We’re beginning to see more and more consumers purchasing products that come from manufactures with green credentials, or those take a positive step towards battling the ongoing climate crisis and investing to do their bit. Implementing Solar power is a great way to demonstrate a manufacturers commitment towards reducing carbon emissions and is recognised by customers, investors, and stakeholders.”

“Typically, manufacturing businesses consume large amounts of energy to power their operations, often resulting in significant energy bills. The rise in energy rates over the last 18-24 months has put significant strain on some businesses and even forced others to close.”

Josh went on to explain that,

“Manufacturers can make significant savings on their energy bills by investing in solar power, and while there is a capital outlay to fund the project it is important to remember that once the system is commissioned, you will be paying less for the energy from the Grid as you will be producing your own electric on site. For many of the manufacturing customers we have dealt so far the installation of Solar has dramatically reduced their energy bills and they will continue to save money for the next 25-years”.

In 2022, Solar Power contributed towards 4.4% of the renewable mix of electricity consumed in the UK, according to National Grid, and that figure is only set to grow as more households and business continue to invest in Solar, exporting their excess production into the National Grid.

Speaking further, Josh said, 

“There is more to solar than just the reduction in energy bills and the positive impact on the environment. From an investment point of view, installing solar is a fantastic strategy to increase your bottom line and in many instances, add value to your building. In a matter of 5, 10 or 15 years’ time, you may look to sell your building and from a buyers perspective, which building is going to be more attractive, the one with solar or the one without?”.

InspireGreen are on a mission to help businesses in all industries and of all sizes realise the dream of using green energy.

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