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13 October 2023
Built Environment

Sustainability and Efficiency in Residential Architecture: Insights from a Leading Architect

Andrew Wood, senior associate, and architect in the technical team at Roberts Limbrick


Andrew Wood

Senior Associate & Technical Team Architect

Roberts Limbrick


Andrew Wood, senior associate, and architect in the technical team at Roberts Limbrick, offers a comprehensive overview of the firm’s innovative approach to residential architecture. Roberts Limbrick, a prominent multidisciplinary practice in Wales, stands out for its commitment to sustainability, technical excellence, and architectural innovation.

Central to design philosophy at Roberts Limbrick is a holistic approach to sustainability. Andrew highlights the firm’s preference for a “soft fabric first” strategy, where decisions are guided by environmental considerations from project inception. Factors such as site appraisals, existing infrastructure reuse, solar orientation, and energy consumption play pivotal roles in shaping designs. This method optimises a project’s sustainable attributes before delving into the specifics of technology integration.

Roberts Limbrick’s dedication to sustainability aligns with evolving industry standards. Andrew talks about the importance of adapting to changing technologies, such as modular construction and prefabricated systems, to enhance precision and reduce energy consumption. Notably, Roberts Limbrick leads the way in exploring Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), anticipating reduced construction tolerances and heightened building fabric accuracy.

In addressing both affordable and private sector needs, the firm prioritises energy efficiency to combat fuel poverty and align with new building regulations. This strategic alignment not only benefits end users with cost-effective living spaces but also positions developments for better resale value, a testament to the market’s growing appetite for green technology.


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