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11 January 2024

The Esplanade Hotel Chooses Sustainable Builders SB4 Group for £500K Refurbishment Project

The Esplanade Hotel, a prominent guest house along the Llandudno seafront, has proudly announced its partnership with a sustainable building organisation for its ongoing £500,000 refurbishment project. Both The Esplanade and SB4 Group are committed to sustainability and minimising environmental footprints throughout this project.

Recognising the importance of responsible construction practices, The Esplanade Hotel has chosen to align its refurbishment efforts with a building organisation known for its commitment to sustainable building methods. This partnership represents a significant step towards creating a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious establishment in the heart of Llandudno.

The selected building organisation boasts an impressive track record of employing sustainable practices throughout its projects. Notably, they prioritise the use of recycled materials, ensuring that resources are repurposed and diverted from landfills. Additionally, any materials taken from the site during the refurbishment will be recycled locally, minimising transportation emissions and supporting the local circular economy. Sourcing of materials and supplies is also done on the basis of whether the supplier operates their own sustainable practices.

“We were excited to be awarded the project, and it is great to be requested based on our own passion for sustainability. We pride ourselves on being able to demonstrate high quality with sustainability included. Working for like-minded people is what we enjoy doing.” Anthony Litchfield, Managing Director, SB4 Group

Shon Morgans, Managing Director, The Esplanade said,

“As hotel owners, we see it as our responsibility to take our environmental impact into our own hands. To be able to find a local organisation with interests aligned with our own is the ideal situation and we look forward to working with SB4 Group on our exciting project.”

The refurbishment project at The Esplanade Hotel encompasses the entire ground floor and will create a brand-new lobby, restaurant, bar, kitchen and outdoor dining space. The work began in November 2023 and will be completed in March 2024. Phase 1 has seen the re-positioning of walls, electrics, plumbing and flooring work in the new lobby area and toilets. This will move into the decoration phase this week and begin work on phase 2, the external dining, restaurant, bar, and kitchen area. The hotel aims to introduce modern and energy-efficient amenities while prioritising sustainability at every stage of the refurbishment and final operation. For a few simple examples, the plans include going above and beyond to ensure maximum heat efficiency while reducing the amount of energy wasted on heat loss, waterless urinals, and locally sourced joinery timber.

As a historical Victorian establishment in Llandudno, The Esplanade Hotel remains dedicated to providing guests with a memorable experience while actively contributing to environmental preservation. The refurbishment project serves as a testament to the hotel's dedication to sustainability and its role in fostering a more environmentally conscious future.

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