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12 October 2023

Understanding How The Tourism and Travel Sector Will Look in 2030 and Beyond

A report published by The Travel Foundation has been created to explore what a thriving decarbonising tourism sector could look like in 2030 and beyond. 

The starting point for this research was the need to better understand just how the travel and tourism world will begin to look as we transition towards a net zero emissions economy.

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Joss Croft OBE, CEO of UKinbound, explained the importance of the report being published:

“I applaud the publication of this very comprehensive document produced by The Travel Foundation. All those involved with the tourism industry from Government to businesses and individuals around the world need to read this report and take action towards decarbonising, if they are not doing so already. UKinbound has recently become a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and we are currently finalising our own sustainability plan which will then be widely communicated to our members that include tour operators, transport providers and major attractions, to help guide and encourage them to review their sustainability policies and practices.”

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Balancing environmental and economic considerations

The report underscores the need to strike a balance between environmental conservation and economic growth. Sustainable tourism aims to minimise negative impacts on the environment, promote biodiversity and reduce carbon footprint. Simultaneously, it recognises the significance of generating economic benefits for local communities, creating employment opportunities and supporting SME’s.

  • Collaboration and stakeholder engagement

A key recommendation of the report is the importance of collaboration and stakeholder engagement in driving sustainable tourism forward. It highlights the need for co-operation between industry associations, Government, destination management organisations and businesses. By working together, stakeholders can share best practices, co-ordinate efforts and create a unified vision for sustainable tourism across the country.

  • Enhancing visitor experiences

The report acknowledges that sustainability goes hand in hand with providing exceptional visitor experiences. It emphasises the integration of cultural heritage, authentic local experiences and a focus on quality rather than quantity. This approach aims to attract discerning travellers who value sustainable practices and are willing to pay a premium for unique and responsible tourism offerings.

  • Skills development and training

To support the growth of sustainable tourism, the report highlights the importance of skills development and training programs. It recommends investing in training initiatives that equip industry professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement sustainable practices effectively. This includes training in areas such as environmental management, community engagement and responsible tourism marketing.

  • Technology and innovation

The report recognises the potential of technology and innovation. It highlights the importance of digitalisation, data-driven decision-making and the adoption of smart technologies to improve resource efficiency, enhance visitor experiences and monitor sustainability performance. The report encourages businesses to embrace these technological advancements to stay competitive in the evolving tourism landscape.

Read the full report here –

About UKinbound

UKinbound was established in 1977. They are the only trade association that represents the interests of the UK’s inbound tourism sector and ensure it is recognised as a leading economic and employment driver in the UK.

Their mission is to help their 300 members all across the country to manage successful, profitable businesses, that are part of a vibrant and sustainable industry.

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