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5 June 2023

Wales’ Curiosity to Become a World Leading Eco-Tourism Destination

In the land of mystic mountains, majestic castles and magnificent coastlines, an opportunity promises to redefine Wales' position on the world tourism map.

This new vision is not just about capturing the imagination of travellers with stunning landscapes and rich heritage, it’s about nurturing a sector to develop a world-leading eco-tourism industry.

Recognising this opportunity, the Welsh Government, along with tourism organisations such as Visit Wales, the Wales Tourism Alliance and a variety of other regional destination management organisations, have taken up the mission of nurturing eco-tourism businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Many are providing education and training to businesses, helping them understand the importance of maintaining ecological balance, while delivering a memorable experience to tourists. Practical courses in sustainability practices, green business models and eco-friendly service delivery are now in full swing.

The collaboration between the Welsh Government and tourism organisations has led to the creation of a sustainable tourism strategy, encompassing everything from renewable energy usage, waste reduction, local sourcing of food, to promoting the conservation of local flora and fauna.

The collective effort is beginning to pay off with many businesses that were initially sceptical about the transition, now experiencing the benefits – not only in terms of cost-savings, but also in attracting a new breed of travellers who prioritise environmental sustainability.

These travellers, often referred to as ‘Eco-Tourists', are not just looking for a typical holiday. They are individuals who care about the environment, who are interested in learning about the local ecosystem and who want to contribute to its preservation. They are being drawn to Wales due to its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Wales' pristine beaches, enchanting forests and picturesque countryside now form the backdrop of numerous eco-adventures. Whether it’s responsible dolphin-watching tours in Cardigan Bay, conservation-oriented bird-watching tours in Anglesey or sustainable hiking tours in the Brecon Beacons, Wales offers something unique for every eco-tourist.

Moreover, the Welsh Government is taking steps to preserve cultural heritage sites by promoting sustainable tourism practices. Iconic sites such as the Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd, the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape and the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct have become models for sustainable heritage tourism.

As the eco-tourism wave spreads further across Wales, the world is taking notice. Travellers from all corners of the globe are keen to experience the ‘Welsh Green destination', creating a future-proofed eco-tourism opportunity for many of our SME’s.

The Green Dragon is at the helm of a transformative opportunity and a chance to pioneer a new model in the tourism industry, one that veers away from the pitfalls of mass tourism.

By leveraging the appeal of its natural beauty and green initiatives, Wales could potentially command a premium from eco-tourists, thus generating a lucrative economic model that simultaneously prioritises environmental preservation.

This innovative approach allows Wales not only to create a sustainable economy, but also to showcase a viable model for the world, underlining the fact that environmental responsibility and economic prosperity can indeed, go hand in hand.

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