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25 October 2023

Waste-to-Hydrogen Company Wins Manufacturing Startup Award

Waste-to-hydrogen company Compact Syngas Solutions has been crowned Manufacturing Start-up 2023 at the Made In Wales awards in Cardiff.

Compact Syngas Solutions, based in Deeside, Wales recently secured almost £4 million in government funding from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) to make its biomass and waste-to-hydrogen plants even greener by using carbon capture.

The company has developed an advanced gasification process that generates hydrogen gas from waste products, including biomass like waste wood and other selected non-recyclable materials.

The Made In Wales awards were marked by a black tie events at the Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel.

From left, Dominic Osbourne of Insider Media, Karen Taylor and Paul Willacy of Compact Syngas Solutions, and compere Huw Stephens

The company plans to build more than 50 hydrogen modules at around 15 sites, ranging from a single module to six per site offering the flexibility to suit local demand. These 50 modules will annually produce 11,000 tonnes of hydrogen, and capture 29,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The technology will be key to helping the UK reach its Net Zero 2050 target. The production of low carbon hydrogen from waste materials stops it reaching landfill and creates a fuel that has very low greenhouse gas by-products. Hydrogen has many uses in transport and industry.

Paul Willacy, managing director of Compact Syngas Solutions, said:

“We’re delighted to win this award, which recognises the importance of finding innovative ways to move away from polluting fuels as soon as possible.

“Our process creates an emission-free fuel from material that would normally be sent to landfill to rot, so it’s doubly good for the environment.

“The time has come for the UK to start capturing this hydrogen and support the drive to Net Zero.”

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