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28 September 2023

Renewables for Households Short Course Series

The “Renewables for Households” short course series at CAT is a comprehensive exploration of renewable energy technologies tailored specifically for households.

Each course in this series is designed to be taken as a standalone or as a sequence, offering flexibility to suit your interests and needs. By completing the series, you'll gain a holistic understanding of different renewable technologies and their practical applications within your home.

Course Overview:

Renewables for Households: Insulation – Saturday 18th November 2023
Learn how to optimize your home's insulation, reducing energy consumption and improving overall comfort.

Renewables for Households: Wind Turbines – Saturday 13th January 2024
Explore the fascinating world of wind energy and discover how wind turbines can provide clean, renewable electricity for your household.

Renewables for Households: Heat Pumps – Saturday 13th April 2024
Dive into the efficiency of heat pumps, unlocking their potential to provide eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions.

Renewables for Households: Solar Hot Water – Saturday 18th May 2024
Harness the power of the sun to generate hot water for your household needs while reducing energy costs.

Renewables for Households: Solar PV – Saturday 29th June 2024
Explore the world of solar photovoltaics and learn how to generate electricity from sunlight, contributing to a greener grid.

Meet The Tutor: Alan

Behind these courses stands Alan, a Chartered Energy Engineer and lecturer in CAT's postgraduate programs. Alan's expertise spans from numerical modeling of sustainable energy systems in Europe to developing international sustainable energy policies and strategies in post-conflict and post-disaster areas of Southeast Asia. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Alan is dedicated to helping you understand and implement renewable energy solutions effectively.

Why Choose CAT's Renewables for Households Courses?

Practical Knowledge: These courses offer hands-on, practical knowledge that you can apply immediately to your home.

Renewable Energy Experts: Learn from industry experts and educators with a deep passion for sustainable energy.

Flexible Learning: Choose the courses that align with your interests or complete the entire series for a well-rounded understanding of renewables.

Environmental Impact: By embracing renewable energy solutions, you contribute to a more sustainable future for yourself and the planet.

For full details on each individual course and to book a place click here

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