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28 September 2023

Cynnal Cymru: Carbon Literacy at Work

The Cynnal Cymru certified ‘Carbon Literacy at Work’ course is suitable for those in a position to lead, organise or support others.

Cynnal Cymru has been developing and delivering specialist sustainability training for over 10 years to the private, public and voluntary sector.

For those in leadership and support roles, the ‘Carbon Literacy at Work' course offers a transformative learning experience. Designed for senior managers, team leaders, board members, trustees, support workers, and volunteers, this course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to lead, organise, or support sustainability efforts within their organisations.

Through peer-to-peer learning in groups of up to 15, this course can be flexibly delivered online or in-person. While the climate science is accessible for beginners, the course's approach to enabling and identifying positive action accommodates individuals of all abilities within an organisation.

Topics covered:

  • What Greenhouse Gases are, and their relationship to weather and climate
  • How our actions impact on the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the impact that they have
  • How climate here and elsewhere is likely to change, and how we know this.
  • How changes in the climate are likely to affect us in the UK and in other parts of the world.
  • What we are already doing locally, nationally and internationally.
  • What we can do to reduce our impact and the benefits and disadvantages of taking action.
  • Where we can go to get help. What help is available to us.
  • How we can motivate others to take action, including gaining the confidence to express our Carbon Literacy to others.

Learning outcomes

  • By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:
  • Locate and use information to explain global warming and climate change
  • Describe and analyse the consequences for you, your organisation, or community
  • Identify personal and group actions that you can take to make a positive difference
  • Know where to go for further help

Course options:

Online Open Course – For organisations wanting to experience Carbon Literacy, individuals can join our online open courses to understand how it can benefit your organisation.

Private course – For groups or teams wanting to develop a shared understanding of how their organisational activity relates to climate change and be able to design responses that are relevant and appropriate.

Custom course(s) – For organisations and consortiums that want to take the next step to becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation, Cynnal Cymru will work with you to develop a custom course that can be rolled out across your organisation.

For further information aboutt his course visit the Cynnal Cymru website here:

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