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29 September 2023

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare: Short Courses in Sustainability, Health, and Healthcare

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare offer a suite of short courses in sustainability, health and healthcare.

The courses are meticulously designed to empower health professionals, educators, sustainability and estates managers with the knowledge and tools needed to drive sustainability initiatives in their workplace. Whether you are looking to initiate sustainability projects, conduct research, or contribute to your organisation's Green Plan, these courses are your gateway to a greener and healthier future.

Foundation-Level Courses: A Solid Grounding

The foundation-level courses provide an introductory overview of the field, equipping you with essential knowledge to kickstart your sustainability journey. Designed for health professionals across various specialties, these courses offer specialty-specific examples and a platform for networking with peers who share your professional focus. For those not within a specific specialty, “Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare” offers a broad overview, focusing on secondary care while connecting you with a wide range of health professionals.

  • Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare
  • Sustainable Primary Care
  • Sustainable Mental Healthcare
  • Sustainable Dentistry
  • Sustainable Respiratory Care
  • Sustainable Anaesthetics
  • Sustainable Kidney Care
  • Sustainable Child Health
  • Public Health Leadership for Sustainability
  • Green Space and Health
  • Sustainable Procurement

Technical Courses: Deepening Your Expertise

For those seeking a deeper understanding and skills to plan and measure sustainability projects, our technical courses are an ideal choice. While attending these courses, having prior knowledge of sustainable healthcare is beneficial. This foundational knowledge can be gained through our Foundation-level course, free eLFH modules, or via the platform.

  • Carbon Footprinting for Healthcare
  • Sustainability in Quality Improvement (requires QI knowledge)
  • Teaching Sustainable Quality Improvement (requires teaching/training experience and SusQI knowledge)

Course Format: A Comprehensive Learning Journey

Courses are designed for convenience and effectiveness, with a three-phase format:

I. Self-study: Access a 6-hour interactive online package with case studies, available four weeks before your booked course. Dive into the materials and consider a sustainability project for your workplace (optional). Access the self-study materials for six months after the workshop.

II. Workshop: Engage in a 4-hour small group online workshop facilitated by national experts. Get answers to your questions and receive guidance on designing and implementing sustainability projects.

III. Mentoring: Participate in one-hour sustainable healthcare ‘cafés,' offering an informal setting to build networks and seek/offer advice from experts and peers on sustainability projects. Foundation course participants have unlimited access, while technical course participants join a follow-up session specifically linked to the workshop.

Training for Organisations: Tailored Solutions

Organisations seeking to train their staff can explore various options, including block booking discounts, commissioned courses, and board-level workshops in Leadership for Sustainable Healthcare.

To learn more about these courses, detailed schedules, and registration, please visit the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare website here:

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