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1 October 2023
Offshore Wind

The Role of Academia – How Can Our Leading Academics Help Shape Innovation Challenges in the Celtic Sea

The role of academia is seen as an integral innovation component in the development of the offshore renewable energy sector in the Celtic Sea.

There are a number of universities in Wales that have the skills and expertise within areas such as engineering and ocean geophysics in a marine environment, and these can play a pivotal role in some of the challenges that industry will face in the long-term development of the Celtic Sea.

Green Economy Wales spoke with Prof. Ian Masters at Swansea University about how Welsh universities can be part of the innovation challenges facing floating offshore wind developers in the Celtic Sea.

Marrying up industry and academia, making sure that there's a dialogue between the two is an important role of organisations such as Marine Energy Wales, because the two quite often operate in silos. Without this bridge, it would be much more difficult for academia to understand the top research priorities and challenges within the sector.

Its clear academia and industry operate very differently, with quite different priorities. Ensuring that they align with each other, are in the same room, and talking to each other will be crucial.

Green Economy Wales spoke with Jay Sheppard and Tom Hill about the role Marine Energy Wales can play in connecting industry and academia.

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