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15 October 2023

Developing Pioneering Products from Upcycled Waste

South Wales based Green Chilly is an example of a new wave of startup businesses that have placed environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations.

They have developed and patented a unique technology that turns wastepaper, typically destined for landfill, into functional cooling products. Designed to keep drinks and other items cold their business model is aligned to bridging the gap between necessity and sustainability.

Green Chilly is not just another startup; the business deeply rooted in environmental ethics and sustainability standards. Its mission transcends traditional business goals, with a commitment to creating a positive impact on the planet.

Green Chilly’s co-founders, Steve Marshall-Rees and Philip Ingam, spoke to Green Economy Wales about the business’s environmental ethos and the ambitious expansion plans they have in the future.

This startup represents a new breed of businesses that are not only driven by profit but also by a strong commitment to preserving the environment. Their pioneering work is a beacon of hope in the emerging eco-conscious business landscape, demonstrating that innovative thinking and sustainability can indeed coexist in the world of business.

Green Chilly's ‘Fwrap' is a symbol of this ethos – a product that encapsulates their mission of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.

To find out more about the business, visit:

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