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15 October 2023

Creating Quality Products with Sustainability at its Core is Central to our Ethos

Mallows Bottling is a company that embodies the true essence of sustainability in its business practices. With a robust team approach, they are committed to implementing sustainable measures not just within their organisation, but also within their supply chain.

The sustainability ambitions of the firm extend beyond recycling; they aim to develop a circular economy approach that minimises waste and makes the most of resources.

Matthew Whitfield, Head of Technical at Mallows Bottling, discusses the businesses approach to sustainability by embedding the workforce and its supply chain into its overall approach.

What sets Mallows Bottling apart is its family-oriented ethos. Everyone within the organisation, regardless of their role, is encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees, making sustainability not just a corporate goal, but a shared mission.

Their commitment to creating a more sustainable future is not just confined to their internal operations. By working closely with their supply chain partners, they ensure that their dedication to the environment is echoed in every aspect of their business.

In this way, Mallows Bottling is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a sustainable business, proving that every step in the process counts towards making a significant difference.

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