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10 December 2023
Built Environment

How Businesses Can Utilise the Green Homes Incentive

Cenydd Rowlands, Property Director at the Development Bank Wales, spoke with Business News Wales to discuss the green homes incentive, why its been brought in and the benefits it poses.

The Greener Homes Incentive aims to help deliver more thermally efficient and lower carbon homes in Wales and is funded by the Welsh Government, and aims to help tackle the Climate Crisis.


Interview Highlights

  • The Green Homes Incentive is split into two key opportunities across construction and use, ensuring they have a lower carbon impact.
  • The three main benefits offered by the Green Homes Incentive are improved thermal efficiency, embodied carbon point, and encouraging the use of non-fossil fuel heating systems.
  • These benefits will encourage developers to use more green initiatives when building new homes, ahead of the likely introduction of these requirements in law.
  • These incentives could equate to between 20% and 30% of the additional cost of introducing the new measures.
  • We want to encourage developers to consider greener options and to help them along Wales’ carbon-reduction journey

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