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28 March 2024
Public Sector

Managing Risks Around ‘Net Zero’

The importance of managing risks around net zero, and areas where GAD can help the public sector with plans for net zero projects, were explored at a key event.  

Attendees and speakers included the Scottish Government, local councils and authorities who own a net zero budget and have net zero projects over the next year.

The major players when it comes to net zero in Scotland include national and regional bodies as well as:

  • 32 local authorities
  • 30 Integration Joint Boards
  • 25 colleges
  • 19 universities
  • 14 Regional NHS Boards and 5 Special NHS Boards
  • 7 Regional Transport Partnerships

At the event on 19 March, we shared information in the conference session, ‘Accelerating the transition towards net zero transport, infrastructure and mobility’.

GAD Scotland engagement lead, Lily Melmoth spoke at the conference about how we can help the public sector to manage risks around net zero, as well as opportunities where we can add value.

Actuary Eva Grace was invited to the event following her GAD blog publication: ‘Climate change targets: Net zero, no hero for investors.’

Technologies and strategies

Our expertise across insurance, investments, pensions and wider financial risk management helps the public sector understand and quantify the risks and opportunities of climate change.

Lily Melmoth said:

“It was very interesting to find out about the innovative technologies and strategies in use today and to gain some insight into Scottish Government initiatives. GAD was very pleased to be able to contribute to this keynote conference and are looking forward to helping the public sector manage climate risks.”

Further information can be found at the Net Zero Club.

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