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26 September 2023

Green Business Loan Scheme

The scheme from the Development Bank of Wales offers an incentivised funding package to support your business.

Development Bank of Wales provides incentivised loans for decarbonisation efforts. Whether you're starting or continuing your business’s decarbonisation journey, the Green Business Loan Scheme from the Development Bank of Wales offers an incentivised funding package to support your business.

NOTE: To apply for Green Business Loan Scheme, limited companies, sole traders or partnerships must be based in Wales and trading for at least two years with at least one set of filed, annual accounts.

What is the Green Business Loan Scheme

As an experienced investor, the Development Bank of Wales naturally understands the pressures businesses face, especially when it comes to decarbonisation-focused action.

The Green Business Loan Scheme works to directly address a range of common problems and provides a package of support that helps reduce carbon emissions and allows businesses to save on future energy bills.

It combines:

  • Access to fully and part-funded consultancy support that helps businesses understand their own path to decarbonisation
  • Discounted fixed interest rates on green business loans for energy efficiency measures and low carbon heat installations
  • Patient capital, with upfront capital repayment holidays and a loan term linked to project payback

Typical projects that are eligible for funding through the Green Business Loan Scheme are:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – replacement, management, low carbon technology
  • Building fabric improvements – insulation, double glazing, LED lighting
  • Renewables – solar PV, ground/air/water source heat pumps
  • Key equipment improvement – monitoring & controls, replacement, low carbon technology
  • Water usage and waste reduction/improvements

Nick Stork, fund manager at the Development Bank of Wales, spoke recently about soe of the detail behind the Green Business Loans Scheme: 

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