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7 May 2024
NetZero Solutions

New Carbon Capture Plans Could ‘Kickstart the Green Industrial Revolution’

Millions of tonnes of captured carbon dioxide (CO2) could be transported via road, rail, barge or ship, revolutionising the way it reaches offshore storage sites.   

The UK Government has launched a call for evidence for innovative new options for transporting CO2, on top of the existing network of pipelines, supporting industry on the path to net zero.

Carbon capture technology works by capturing CO2 before it reaches the atmosphere, storing it safely underground in offshore sites and reducing emissions. The Climate Change Committee has described the technology as a necessity for meeting net zero targets.

With the ability to transport the CO2 by modes such as rail or shipping, the Government says industries across the country will be better primed to adopt carbon capture technology. As well as creating jobs and boosting the economy, it will help to transport CO2 in a way to suit businesses' needs as part of their green transition.

The UK has a distinctive geology and the capacity to store up to 20-30 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030, equivalent to removing four to six million cars from UK roads each year and supporting 50,000 jobs

The Government is making an investment of up to £20 billion, one of the biggest in Europe.

The Call for Evidence delivers on a commitment made in the CCUS Vision published last December, which set out Government plans for a new competitive UK carbon capture, usage and storage market by 2035.

Ben Burggraaf, CEO of Net Zero Industry Wales, said: 

“Deploying non-pipeline transport solutions to ship captured CO2 from South Wales to a permanent store is pivotal to the delivery of the South Wales Industrial Cluster Plan and to kickstarting the green industrial revolution in the region.”

Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Minister Lord Callanan said:

“The UK has the right geology, talent and expertise to build a world-leading carbon capture industry, driving investment and economic growth to our industrial heartlands.

“Businesses right across the country want to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and I want to hear from them how we can deliver greener solutions for industry by giving them ever-greater access to this game-changing technology.”

It is anticipated that projects using non-pipeline transport methods will be eligible for selection as carbon capture projects from 2025 onwards.

The Call for Evidence will run for 10 weeks and industry can share their views here.

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