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7 May 2024

Zip World’s Transformational Responsible Adventure Project


Rhodri Owen,  

Head of Projects ,  

Zip World.  

In this audio series special for Ambition North Wales, we hear from representatives of the five new projects who are developing business cases aimed at securing places within the Growth Deal portfolio for the North Wales Ambition Board.

Rhodri Owen, the Head of Projects at Zip World, shared insights into the exciting venture they are embarking on – the Responsible Adventure Project. With a decade-long legacy, ZipP World is set to revolutionise tourism in North Wales, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

The Responsible Adventure Project will strengthen North Wales as a leading tourism destination. It aims to attract additional visitors in a way which is environmentally sustainable and considerate to local communities by maximising the social, economic and cultural benefits to the region. This is a multi-element project that forms part of a sustainable, eco-tourism package to develop a new energy-efficient cable car, a Slate Explorer visitor experience – and an eBus network integrated into local transport provision. As Zip World works towards its target of net zero operations by 2040, the project will support its engagement with regional businesses as an exemplar in business decarbonisation.

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