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21 February 2024
Green Economy

Doing Good Catering Leads the Field in Sustainable Film Catering

Doing Good Catering, the only independent Albert-approved sustainable catering company operating out of Wales, serves the film and TV industry across the UK. Their recent production for Sky has propelled Wales to the forefront of film sustainability.

By implementing cutting-edge solutions, they achieved a remarkable 62% higher recycling rate compared to the average from five other sample productions.

Emily Williams, the Managing Director, emphasizes that Doing Good Catering is a quantum leap ahead of other film caterers. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond menu choices; it encompasses a holistic approach to reduce the carbon impact of film production.

Carly McKay, Sustainability Director at Location One, highlights the tangible impact:

Mr. Bigstuff produced only half the waste per head per day compared to an anonymous production. This achievement owes much to the hard work of Doing Good Catering.

Doing Good Catering’s mission extends beyond profit. As the not-for-profit arm of We Are Doing Good, they actively promote good practices in catering to minimize the negative impact on our planet’s resources.

Their commitment to sustainability and community welfare sets them apart as they use their profits to provide cooking sessions to vulnerable groups. They are the only independent Albert-approved catering company operating out of Wales.

Mr Bigstuff is a Sky production due for release in the Spring.

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