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4 March 2024
Renewable Energy

Marine Energy Wales Appoints New Chair

Marine Energy Wales is pleased to announce the appointment of Tam Bardell as its new Chair, succeeding Martin Murphy, who has been a stalwart leader in guiding the sector through a decade of growth and progress.

Tam Bardell, currently Energy Development Manager at the Port of Milford Haven, brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted connection and passion for both the sea and the industry.

As part of his new combined role, Tam will also join the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF) Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director, contributing to the strategic direction and development of the organisation, and influencing the future of sustainable coastal management in Wales.

Originally from the Shetland Islands, Tam has worked for the Port of Milford Haven for the past six years. He shared his enthusiasm for his new role, and the opportunity to represent and champion the sector.

Tam Bardell said

 The marine energy sector in Wales is on the cusp of tremendous growth that will bring significant investment, jobs, and supply chain opportunities across the country.

Marine Energy Wales is at the forefront of our collective transition to a decarbonised future, and I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team at such an exciting time. I look forward to listening, collaborating, and representing the sector as we champion clean, green power for Wales.

Outgoing Chair Martin Murphy joined the PCF Board of Directors in 2012 and says the last decade of involvement has been a privilege.

He said:

I was invited to participate in the interview process and I am delighted to share with you the exciting news that Tam Bardell has been appointed.

I have been privileged to serve PCF and MEW, to engage with the vast range of stakeholders in our industry, and to appreciate the clear commitment and leadership which the Welsh Government has provided.

The historic work in which we’ve been involved, i.e. the ‘traditional’ marine energy of tidal stream, tidal range and wave energy remains a fundamental part of our portfolio.

Floating Offshore Wind will be an important element of MEW’s work in the coming years building on our existing activity in the Celtic Sea Developer Alliance, and the Celtic Sea Cluster.

In short there is a huge amount going on and I am certain MEW will be at the centre of it.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum provides a single-point-of-access for coastal sustainability. The company was born from the Sea Empress disaster as the need for an independent body to address issues facing our coast became apparent. Just like the response to that disaster, it works to bring people together – to start conversations and to inspire change, and although it has developed significantly over the years, its mission has not changed; to support sustainable development and to protect our coast and marine environments for current and future generations to enjoy.

Over the last 22 years PCF has developed an ever-expanding and evolving range of collaborative activities that are often viewed as national best practice. Its diverse range of projects focus on key coastal challenges: Marine Renewable Energy, Responsible Recreation, Climate Change, Aquaculture and Water Quality and Land Use.

Marine Energy Wales, a longstanding programme within PCF, has been instrumental in numerous projects and initiatives aimed at promoting sector collaboration, policy development, and attracting investment.

It is with great sadness we bid farewell to Martin. For the last decade, he has been a beacon of leadership and innovation for Marine Energy Wales, expertly guiding us and helping to shape the sector.

Having said that, we are very excited to welcome Tam in his place, and eager for him to take the helm. Tam’s passion and commitment to energy transition make him the perfect steward for this next chapter of Marine Energy Wales.

In his new position as Chair, Tam will play a crucial role in guiding these efforts, helping to advance the Marine Energy Test Area (META) around Milford Haven and supporting technology developers.

Tam will make his first official appearance as Chair at the upcoming Marine Energy Wales Conference in Swansea, where he hopes to meet and engage with many stakeholders.

We were thrilled to see the interest in this position and are very pleased to be working closely with Tam in this important joint role, both as part of our PCF Board of Directors as the Chair position for MEW.

What a time to start, with the legendary MEW conference and the wildlife event of the year ‘Living Coast’ round the corner too.

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