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20 October 2023
Renewable Energy

Unlocking the Potential: Wales’ Booming Hydrogen Economy


Matthew Hindle, 

Head of Net Zero and Sustainability, 

Wales & West Utilities. 


Green Economy Wales editor Mark Powney spoke with Matthew Hindle, Head of Net Zero and Sustainability at Wales & West Utilities, about the wider economic opportunity for Hydrogen in Wales.

Matt explains that Wales and West are looking to utilise the existing 12,000-kilometre gas distribution pipeline in Wales to advance broader decarbonisation objectives. He delves into the potential of leveraging this existing network to distribute hydrogen as a component of an integrated solution.

Other topics include how Wales compares to other regions in the UK, the hydrogen development timeline, the safety of the fuel, the link between FLOW Celtic Sea and an overview of the industries that will be applicable to hydrogen over the coming years.

Finally, we asked Matt, what our politicians need to do to help accelerate the industry.

About Matthew

Matthew joined Wales and West from the Energy Networks Association, where he spent five years as the organisation’s Head of Gas. He has a wealth of experience within the biogas industry, and prior to joining the ENA, he spent six years working on green gas, energy policy and environmental regulation for the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association.

He reports directly to Director of Regulation & Strategy Sarah Williams and is responsible for teams delivering hydrogen transformation, environmental sustainability and wider Net Zero initiatives.

About Wales & West

Wales & West Utilities is the company that look after the pipes that keep the gas flowing to heat the homes and power businesses of 7.5m people across Wales and southwest England. They operate the gas emergency service, connect new homes and businesses, and upgrade the gas network so it’s safe today and fit for the future.

The company is also committed to playing its part in getting to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. 46 power stations connected to its network support renewables like wind and solar power while 19 green gas sites inject enough decarbonised green gas to power approx. 180,000 homes, Additionally, the company’s network supplies bus garages in three locations across the southwest of England, fuelling CNG buses that improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions from public transport.

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